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Cyndi on Sarah Mackenzie's Podcast!

I am so thrilled to have been interviewed by the wonderful Sarah Mackenzie as part of her Read-Aloud Revival podcast series. Sarah is a huge advocate of reading aloud so I was honored to chat with her about the 8th edition of Jim Trelease's Read-Aloud Handbook.

Another Podcast with Cyndi

RAHB Cover-8th edition.jpg

The NEW  Eighth Edition of Jim Trelease's Read-Aloud Handbook revised and updated by Cyndi Giorgis is NOW available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!  Over 200 new books added to the Treasury! 

What Jim Trelease says about the Eighth Edition:

"I never for a moment had a doubt Cyndi was the right person to carry the book forward. I knew she would be good, but what I didn't know was how good. Now I know. Stupendously good! 


This is not just updating; this is a wonderful enhancement with new ideas, new blood, and new energy." 

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"Read it to me is a test. Let me read it to you is a gift!

- Author Katherine Paterson

Initially self-published in 1979, The Read-Aloud Handbook has had seven American editions as well as British, Australian, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, and Spanish editions. In 2010, Penguin Books named The Read-Aloud Handbook one of the seventy-five most important books it published in its seventy-five-year history.

Here is what others have said about Jim Trelease's Read-Aloud Handbook: 

“Now, more than ever in the age of screens, this book is needed. Jim Trelease is a national treasure. Cyndi Giorgis has done a magnificent job updating this classic for today’s readers. Bravo!”—Rosemary Wells, author of the Max and Ruby series


"VERDICT:  Like its predecessors, this is an excellent choice to recommend to parents and also useful for beginning teachers and librarians. Libraries that possess the seventh edition should consider replacing it with this more current version." Jackie Gropman, formerly at Chantilly Regional Library, VA for School Library Journal

“This book is about more than reading aloud. It’s about time that parents, teachers, and children spend together in a loving, sharing way.”—The Washington Post

“Reading aloud is a joyous experience for child and for parent. The Read-Aloud Handbook offers useful hints as to why the experience is so mutually rewarding and how to make it work.”—Arthur Schlesinger

“The Read-Aloud Handbook promises to give parents, teachers, and all others who care about children, reading, and the pursuit of happiness new inspiration.”—The Denver Post

“Fresh, vital, and inspirational…bravo for Trelease! I urge everyone who cares about literacy—and that should include people without children—to read this book.”—Los Angeles Herald Examiner 

“As I read this treasure of a book, I became more and more fascinated with its contents…I give it my unqualified recommendation.”—“Dear Abby”



SLJ - School Library Journal

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